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“Preserve the Core & Stimulate the Progress”

To establish the footprints of VPG across the World laying special emphasis on Europe and West Africa.

To ensure the sales turnover of 35 Million Euro of the Company with our own financial resources.

To enter new markets and add new partners from unexplored territories.

To ensure a growth of 25% YOY basis in revenue and EBIDTA of the company.

To establish patented product “Elores” in Europe with the commercial presence in at least 15 countries by 2020.

To ensure 100% capacity utilization of Venus Pharma GmbH by upgrading and maintaining all infrastructure on continuous basis.

To act as Platform for Commercialization of Dossier Wealth.

To have 15 products basket with multiple Market Authorization.

To grow with a motivated, committed, productive and self progressive team.

To ensure product of European quality and Error free prompt services for the ultimate satisfaction of our esteemed customers.