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Be it

  • a toddler jumping on the bed, or
  • a school goer playing on the ground, or
  • a cook occupied in the kitchen, or
  • a person deep cleaning their machinery, or
  • a gymer exercising rigorously, or
  • a biker on the road, or
  • anyone doing anything

getting hurt with wounds & bruises is quite common. This quite common problem deserves an easy solution, and if that solution is natural, it adds a bonus to our kitty!!

Septiloc is one such solution. It is a Topical Herbal Wound Healing Product for Chronic Non-Healing Wounds. Besides being extremely handy and efficient for minor cuts and infections, its natural composition makes it an effective solution for burn wounds, diabetic wounds, bed sores, surgical wounds, and all types of non-healing ulcers, ensuring no side effects post-application.

It can facilitate the treatment of serious health problems like Diabetic Foot Ulcer and Pressure Ulcers –


India – the Diabetic Capital of the World – declared by the World Health Organization (WHO). Millions of patients diagnosed with such a severe disease! Diabetes can damage the nerves and the blood supply to the feet, thus resulting in serious issues like ulcers, hence diabetic foot ulcers, and amputations. Even a minor injury can result in ulcers for people with diabetes.


Bed sores commonly develop in patients admitted to a hospital. They result from pressure and friction, hence the name. All parts of the body, especially the bony and the prominent ones, are susceptible to bed sores. These may include head, shoulder, elbow, hips, thighs, and heels. The symptoms may develop in several stages.

The Science

Septiloc – a natural wound healer composed of natural ingredients ↓


Who Is Behind The Science?

No product prepared with such due diligence would have been possible without the efforts and involvement of our core teams. It took 10 years of Research & Clinical trials by our research teams in collaboration with

  • Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) & National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (NIPER) – for research, and
  • All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), New Delhi, for clinical trials

The product is patented in 14 countries, including India and USA. Thanks to all the teams starting from Strategic & Business Planning, IPR (taking care of the patents), product management teams, sales & marketing, consumer healthcare, and all those involved in the backend support. designing, and digital marketing, among others. 


Available in two SKUs – oil & ointment, Septiloc comes with a series of benefits.


Debridement involves the removal of dead, damaged, or infected tissue, which improves the healing potential of the remaining healthy tissues.


Management of infection is the most critical aspect of treating the diabetic foot. Septiloc results in more than 99% reduction in the microbial count, thereby reducing inflammation at the wound site and increasing the concentration of natural anti-oxidant catalase.


Moist wound healing is the practice of keeping a wound in an optimally moist environment in order to promote faster healing. Septiloc being an oil-based product helps maintain a moist physiological environment, thus reducing the healing time significantly.


Improving blood flow controls infection in an ischemic foot, prevents tissue breakdown, and ensures sufficient delivery of oxygen and nutrition for cell growth. Septiloc helps in enhanced activity of VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor), which helps in angiogenesis (Formation of new blood vessels). It also helps in the enhancement of Tissue Nitrite Levels which improves blood supply to the Wound Area.


Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) is known to be beneficial in the formation of granulation tissue and normal healing. Septiloc helps in increasing the concentration of Hydroxyproline and Hexosamine amino acids which helps in the development of Collagen, thereby increasing the concentration of FGF. It helps in complete Re-epithelization and helps in Faster Granulation.


Medication should be safe for growing cells and tissues. Septiloc is Non-irritant, Non-Dermal Toxic, Non-Mutagenic, Non-Carcinogenic, and contains Bees Wax which prevents the sticking of the dressing to the wound and protects new cells during dressing change.

All these benefits promote a faster wound healing process.

The amazing innovation by our researchers has already gained laurels – Winner of Best innovation award – 2010 under India Innovation Growth Program organized by Department of Science & Technology (DST), India, Lockheed Martin, USA, FICCI, India.

Avani Raj Arora

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