world meditation day

World Meditation Day

May 20 or May 21? 🤔

Honestly, Google has confused me this time. Nevertheless, it’s a good day & it anyway gets better if we celebrate it for more number of days.

In a Blind Pursuit, Are We?

I am, yes! I’ll also take the liberty to say that we all are – at one time or other, & of course, it is natural to be. A lack of focus and a multitude of distractions contribute to what this is & what mess our heads become at times. 

A little time & space is all we want!

The most constructive way to utilize that space and time is by meditating – allowing some calm & peace to your mind & body, breathing freely & openly, gathering your thoughts, and coming out rejuvenated. In a nutshell, meditation is another term for refresh – pressing the button F5 – if a machine needs it after being overtasked or overwhelmed – we humans surely need it, and rather more frequently.

Ready to Press F5?

Let’s practice some mindfulness.

  • When Mind Wanders Aimlessly

Find a calm and quiet place. Then find a comfy place to sit. It could be a chair, sofa, or on the floor. Just make your body stable and comfortable – you’ll need to sit for a while 😉. Don’t worry; start with a short time (say 5-10 minutes), and it may eventually grow. Close your eyes gently and start taking deep breaths. Now feel your breath as it starts going in & out… Oh boy! It’s surely going to calm you!!

  • When Meditation Makes Your Mind Wander Even More Aimlessly 

That’s going to happen & happen & happen! Be prepared for that and be kind to yourself. Every time it happens, start the breathing pattern again. It might take time, but the end result will be good.

While we would press F5 only when our bodies and minds are completely hanged – but trust me, if you will, we must do this daily. Decluttering our minds and ourselves is required every day.

This Meditation Day, Reduce Stress & Get More Clarity!

Avani Raj Arora

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