“The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand…
…as in which direction we are moving”

These words sum up the efforts of Venus Pharma GmbH, which integrates people, processes and potential towards the betterment of mankind.

It all began with the efforts of one dynamic entrepreneur, Mr. Pawan Chaudhary, when he ventured on his own to create history in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. His journey, characterized by ups and downs, reached a milestone in 2006, with acquisition of a manufacturing plant at Werne in Germany -Venus Pharma GmbH, our first step towards becoming a multinational company. The EU-GMP awarded for Carbapenems, Oncology and Cephalosporins manufacturing facilities added jewel to our crown allowing Venus to augment its efforts further by venturing into EU market.

Venus Pharma GmbH is rapidly making strides in the international market. Today Venus Pharma GmbH has a strong network of distribution and a marketing alliance in almost every continent of the World.

With the expansion of our manufacturing capacity, emphasis on marketing and focus on exports, we have been able to provide a comprehensive solution to customers.

We have ambitious plans for the years ahead & moreover, we have the zeal, commitment & strength to cater to the vast markets of Europe & Asia especially. We have the resources & potential to leave a mark on the Pharma Industry. It has been very rightly said that high achievers spot opportunities swiftly and move into action immediately.